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Navarre Veterinarian specializes in all kinds of animal services. These animal services include care, diagnostics, treatment, surgery and nutritional services to pet owners. The clinic has the state of the art equipment to handle all manner of pet issues. At the clinic, the vets understand the roles pets play in people’s lives. They just don’t treat, but offer comprehensive advice on the best way to ensure your pet gets the best of life. They understand a healthy pet makes a happy pet owner. The clinic is ready to support the pet owner have memorable experiences. At the clinic, qualified vets provide the pet owner with hands on expertise on how to handle pet emergencies before getting to the vet. After every visit, the clinic advises the pet owner on the importance of follow ups the vets makes.

Veterinarian Services at Navarre Veterinarian

Most of the pets humans own have a short life span. At the clinic, they understand that pet owners need quality life with their pets. That’s the reason they advise pet owners to take their pets at least once a year for a thorough examination. This would highlight the state of health of the pet and even avert serious risks. This would also help give an indicator whether alternative care and treatment is to be used. The following are a list of vet services that the clinic offers

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      • Puppy and Kitten
        The clinic offers care advice to prospective pet owners to prepare them psychologically, physically and socially. The qualified vets take the prospective pet owners through the basics of caring of the pets. For those who have acquired new pets, the clinic offers first checkup of the pets, advice on nutritional needs and how to integrate the pet or pets in the new environment.
      • Vaccinations
        Vaccines are important to protect the pets and for safety purposes to avoid life threatening diseases that can easily be prevented or transmitted to the pet owner. The clinic offers vaccination services for pets that range from vaccines against Canine viruses (Usually affects dogs) to feline viruses (usually affects cats) with other vaccines available for any other pets owned.
      • Pet Dental Care
        Oral hygiene in a pet plays a principal role in the total wellbeing of the pet. The clinic offers oral hygiene services that focus on the dental hygiene in extraction and maintenance, and also the gums to ensure the pet doesn’t suffer from gum diseases or bad breath caused by harmful bacteria in the mouth
      • Surgery
        The state of the art surgical unit provides surgical procedures for pets that need operations. The unit has vets that are capable of handling significant surgical procedures. Of special interest is spaying and neutering of pets using surgical procedures. These surgical procedures are performed on pets as a form of castration in male and ovariohysterectomy. The clinic handles pet emergencies, but severe pet emergencies are referred to other specialists.
      • Nutritional Counseling
        The unit offers nutritional counseling to pet owners on every developmental stage of pets. This is to ensure the pet get its growth requirements to maintain normal weight and great performance.
      • Grooming
        The vet clinic offers grooming services for pet hygiene to alleviate any parasites. Grooming is also done to prevent any parasites from attacking the pet.
      • X-ray / Imaging
        The clinic has an x-ray unit that assists in pet diagnosis. They are used to evaluate internal organs of the pet in a non-invasive, painless and safe way for diagnosis.
      • Diagnostic Examination
        The unit is well equipped to handle various physical examinations like clinical chemistry, hematology urinalysis, serology and parasite testing.

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      • Ultrasound
        The clinic has an imaging ultrasound machine that also acts as part of a diagnostic tool that is both non-invasive and painless is used in internal organ images, muscles and even tendons. It produces images by use of ultra-sonic waves
      • Boarding
        Boarding facilities are offered to pets. The clinic takes care of the pets while the owner is away, or pet owner has been denied entry in places that have ‘no pet allowed’ rule. Whatever reason, the clinic has a place for pets either for day care services or boarding services.

Why Choose Navarre Veterinarian?

Navarre Veterinarian understands what you as a pet owner goes through. The clinic wants to share with you as the pet owner memorable experiences by ensuring the good experiences last. We want to be part of your family through your pet. The best of us will be seen in your pet. We believe the pet is part of family hence we offer the best personalized pet services to your satisfaction. Try out our services, as we believe if a pet is unwell our family member is unwell.